IP Phones

Choosing the right phone solution for your business can be a minefield. Let us make it easy for you. Don’t be misinformed or misled by pushy phone sales companies that often sell on price, leading to long contracts with minimal service guarantees and costly support. It’s important that you take the correct advice before considering making the switch from an older analogue system which uses telephone lines or ISDN. Whereas a modern IP system uses the internet.

It’s a fact that analogue exchanges and lines are being phased out by 2025, when they will be turned off by BT. These changes are happening now! You will have to install an on-premises internet ready or Hosted IP Phone System as this will be the only way to send and receive calls, once the lines are turned off.

Working with our partners and with GREEN CO, we can offer advice and provide a variety of future proof solutions based on your current and any ongoing requirements.

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